Home Depot and LOWE’S team up to sponsor 2020 Boise State Football SeasonBrands 

Home Depot and LOWE’S Team Up to Sponsor 2020 Boise State Football Season

In a rare moment of harmony, peace, and good-natured ribbing, Home Depot and Lowe’s are teaming up to sponsor the 2020 Boise State football season.

“We recognize that our school colors offer a unique opportunity to promote tolerance and understanding between two home improvement giants,” said Boise State University Athletic Director, Curt Apsey. “The idea came from our maintenance crew after a discussion about Kobalt 24V and Ridgid 18V tools. After setting aside their personal preferences, they realized both tool brands get the job done. That’s when it hit us.”

“When Boise State offered the opportunity to use its color scheme to promote tolerance between our two companies, we jumped on the chance. It lets us put aside our differences to support this great school while helping Lowe’s enjoy a taste of our superior brand recognition. After all, you can do it. Home Depot can help. Lowe’s can, too, if you can find what you’re looking for.” said Home Depot Chief Information Officer, Matt Carey.

Jocelyn Wong, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Lowe’s seemed cautiously optimistic. “While we’re thrilled to team up with Home Depot, sorry, THE Home Depot for this football season, we love helping Home Depot get behind a majestic mascot like the Broncos and give them a break from that 80-year old redneck creeper that can’t see past the brim of his hat.”

As the college football season gets ready to kick-off, rumor has it the relationship is already showing strain as Home Depot is asking Lowe’s to give up some of their unsold seats to supply their larger demand.

A mediator for the two sides told Tool Reporter that this is a much more positive outcome than the originally planned Civil War re-enactment they had planned.

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