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Makita Tools – World of Concrete 2018

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What an amazing display from Makita at the World of Concrete. This is the place where power is defined and why Makita is one of power tools’ leading brands.

We posted this video and received feedback that we can hopefully clear up here. The current Dewalt Flexvolt SDS-MAX in this video is 1-9/16″ with 6.1 JOULES. This new Makita XRH07ZKU ($599,bare) is 11.4 JOULES so off the specs alone these results should be in-line. It’s worth mentioning that Dewalt acknowledges these specs and is planning to release another Flexvolt SDS-MAX hammer later this year that will likely be equal or greater (see our Dewalt WOC post).

This was an interesting shootout with their own unit that shares many of the same parts. Is a corded power tool more powerful than cordless? Nope. Makita was here to prove that isn’t the case with the cordless AVT 18Vx2!

This big buy is the Makita brushless 9″ grinder XAG12 ($379, bare). For anybody grinding out there, here is some exciting news, this can now be outfitted with an 9″ capacity guard for dust collection. Eliminate some of that dust and save time on cleanup.

The AWS vac and tools are now available! Truly an amazing system, a vac turning on and off on it’s on so you can just focus on the work at hand. To learn more about the AWS vac and tools, visit our previous post, Makita Auto-Start Wireless System AWS Cordless Tools.

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