Hilti Power Tools – The Hilti Media Event

If you are in the trades you have heard of Hilti Power Tools.  Chances are you have even used some of their tools on the jobsite.  For those who may be new to construction or looking to get in the Hilti line of power tools, you should know a couple things about Hilti.  Hilti is designed for the professional tradesman.  They

Hilti is designed for the professional tradesman.  Their tools are considered some of the best in the industry and a leader in a variety of categories especially concrete tools.  Hilti is far more than just another power tool sales company, they offer a total Hilti solution, which I will cover in a bit.

Recently we had a chance to visit their new company headquarters in Texas.  We had a chance to tour their offices and their testing facility.  While I am familiar with Hilti from my days on skyrise construction, I ended up learning a lot about the company and the tools.

Hilti Power Tools – The Hilti Media Event – Overview

Back in the 90’s (Yes, it was a long time ago), I worked for a large contractor that built skyrises in downtown Chicago.  They also remodeled these large buildings.  In fact, during the Chicago flood, I was able to work in the Marshall Fields building and in the old rail tunnels which was an awesome experience.

Most of my time at these places all we used was Hilti.  I was a Labor so my job was

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