All of the New Dewalt Tools From Their 2017 Media Event

Dewalt held their 2017 media event in the Rehearsal Hall of BridgeStone Arena, in Nashville, TN. Bridgestone Arena is home to the Nashville Predators and was host to the Professional Bull Riding series event that was the cap of the media event Friday night.

I’d like to thank Dewalt for inviting us to their media event. The standard disclaimer applies for this event: media event hosts often cover airfare, hotel accommodations, food, and in some cases entertainment.

We’ve established that this year’s Dewalt Media Event in Nashville wasn’t as large as last year and didn’t have as many new tools, but there were still plenty of brand new and recently released tools to fill the 13,000 square foot hall.

Here, I’ll give you a quick look at most of the tools we saw at the event, but I’ll skip most of the ones Stuart has already covered in his post: The

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