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This Tool is Awesome, Says Every Amazon 5-star Reviewer

SEATTLE – Spouting helpful platitudes like “this tool has changed my life” and “wow, so powerful”, every Amazon 5-star reviewer provides incredibly helpful and bias-free insight into otherwise unheard of tools.

Tool Reporter explored recent Amazon user reviews to find out the most helpful information provided by your typical Amazon reviewer who leaves a 5-star rating. Among the reviews we found the following helpful advice:

“I’ve never used a tool like this before, but it’s the best!” – Stacy G.

“The fact that it has a battery so I don’t have to plug it in makes this the best tool for hanging pictures in my house. Plus, they sent it to me for free…so there’s that.” – Jeff T.

“I ran this tool for 5 minutes before writing this review—it’s simply awesome and better than anything else I’ve used for 5 minutes.” – Andy S.

“Tool very good.” – Michael P.

“I laughed. I cried. It was better than Cats.” – Sharon M.

Overall, it appears that most Amazon 5-star reviewers really love the tools they review and think they’re awesome, the best, or simply amazing. On the whole, the lesser-known the brand, the more likely the tool is to be 5-star rated by hundreds or even thousands of reviewers who leave ecstatic partial sentences and vague references to how the tool properly powers up and performs menial tasks.

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