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Milwaukee Reaches 1,000th Press Release Milestone – Breaks Internet

BROOKFIELD – Working towards achieving controlling shares in both Newswire and PRWeb, Milwaukee Tool’s marketing department celebrated their 1,000th press release of 2019 this week, topping their previous record of 999 in 2016. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of press releases finally took its toll today, breaking the Internet and sending DNS providers like Cloudflare into a state of emergency. “Disruptive… Read More
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Another Tool Company Hands Over Marketing to Team of Hot 22-year olds to Capitalize on “That Social Media Stuff”

CHICAGO – In a daring move costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor investment, a tool company handed over all of its marketing to a team of hot 22-year old blondes hoping to capitalize on “all that social media stuff”.  “We know that Instagram is the latest thing, but we know nothing about social media. I mean, we just… Read More
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Man Unhappy With Bank’s Exchange Rate for 450,000 Instagram Likes

Disillusioned and depressed, a man left the First Bank of Cleveland today, unhappy with the bank’s meager exchange rate for his 450,000 Instagram likes. “I really thought they would be worth more,” said Stanley, an Instagrammer who used to run his own remodeling business before going full time as a social media expert. “I mean, I spend most of my… Read More