Massive Lawsuit Rights Game-Changer Brands 

16 Tool Companies Embroiled in Lawsuit for Rights to Use “Game-Changer”

SAN FRANCISCO – The 9th District Court of Appeals is preparing to hear arguments among 16 power tool manufacturers, each claiming the exclusive rights to use the term “game-changer” in their marketing materials. “As a leader in cutting, sanding, and grinding accessories, our entire company culture is about being game-changing. Accessories that other brands create are just repainted wannabes of… Read More
stihl legal video approval Brands 

Video Produced in 2009 Finally Approved by Stihl Legal Department

VIRGINIA BEACH – Don Stephens, former editor of the now-defunct Professional Power Tool Trends blog, received a message on Linkedin from Stihl’s marketing department approving a 2009 video on the BR600 blower. “Stihl commissioned the video to highlight the features of the now 10-year-old backpack blower. Apparently. there was a slight holdup in the legal department’s review of the video… Read More