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Survey Results: Millennials Prioritize Tool Quality Over Cost

SUMPTERVILLE – According to a Sumpterville Post multiple-choice survey sponsored by Stanley Black and Decker, Millennials are willing to spend mega-bucks to buy quality tools.

“When it comes to purchasing tools, quality was the number one concern for the 21 – 38 age group,” said Ron Beston, Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper. “Those responses seemed directly tied to the importance of country of origin, followed closely by ensuring each tool is sustainably sourced.

“It shows that Millennials are not hampered by superficial things such as cost and are much more conscientious of the impact on Mother Earth.”

Here are some of the more compelling survey results along with some additional context Tool Reporter found in the footnotes:

  • 92% are willing to pay up to 10 times more for a quality tool
    • Quality was defined by color, with black and yellow ranking the highest
  • 93% prefer to buy American-made tools
    • DeWalt, Craftsman, and Black & Decker are the top American-made tools according to the survey
  • 88% say that they will only buy sustainably sourced tools
    • Most Millennials insist lithium mining and manufacturing is the most environmentally friendly way to access power
  • 99% believe cost should not be an obstacle to obtaining quality tools that improve the quality of life

In a follow-up phone call, Tool Reporter spoke with the leader of a local grassroots initiative currently lobbying Congress to ensure free access to quality tools. SBD is reportedly supportive of the group and sending lots of positive vibes their way.

Survey respondents received a free t-shirt for their time.

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