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Researchers in Europe Find Stonehenge “Definitely Constructed” Using Bosch Tools

After an intensive study spanning over 3 decades, researches in Europe have concluded that the Stonehenge archeological phenomenon was most definitely constructed using Bosch tools.

“The evidence plainly and specifically points to the use of Bosch SDS-Max rotary hammers and other tools in the construction of these giant stone monuments,” said Gayle Chernov, chief archeologist on the Stonehenge site. “For years we’ve wondered at the mystery of this amazing structure, but recent discoveries have unearthed the truth. In fact, the entire Stonehenge structure is, in fact, shaped remarkably like the Robert Bosch Tool Corp logo.”

Product managers for Bosch Tools NA clearly pointed out the similarities in the tool markings used to carve out the gigantic stone structures and compared it to similar markings made in modern construction sites in England. “The similarities seem remarkable,” said Don Clifford, a construction worker who lives in nearby Amesbury. “I used to think there was a bit of history in them rocks, but now I see that some bloke likely took his combihammer to them a few thousand years ago…kinda takes away the mystery, but they’re still impressive to look at.”

Several universities are disputing the Bosch tools claim, citing dissimilarities in the tool markings and the unlikelihood of electricity having been present around 3000 BC.

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