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Video Produced in 2009 Finally Approved by Stihl Legal Department

VIRGINIA BEACH – Don Stephens, former editor of the now-defunct Professional Power Tool Trends blog, received a message on Linkedin from Stihl’s marketing department approving a 2009 video on the BR600 blower. “Stihl commissioned the video to highlight the features of the now 10-year-old backpack blower. Apparently. there was a slight holdup in the legal department’s review of the video which was, at the time, considered a “stroke of genius”—nearly a decade ahead of what we now know as ‘influencer marketing’,” said Don, who was eating a bowl of soup with a fork during the interview.

The Tool Reporter obtained a copy of the LinkedIn message:


I tried reaching out to you last week and your email bounced back but I’m glad we were able to connect on Linkedin.

Just wanted to let you know that the legal department finished their pixel by pixel analysis of your BR 600 video and have approved it to go live at your convenience.

Please send us the invoice based on the terms outlined in our contract. I’ve attached it for your convenience.”

At this rate, consumers should expect to see approved feature videos on the updated Stihl BR 800 backpack blower just before the first Mars colonization in 2029.

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