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Social Media Scandal: Instagrammer Admits Wife Builds All His Projects

MINNESOTA – In one of the largest social media scandals of the year, Instagrammer @toolhog admitted publicly that, in fact, his wife really builds all his projects. The short video clip was published this week over the official @toolhog IG channel using stories.

“I can’t hide behind the lie anymore,” said Peter “Toolhog” Spruce, weeping profusely. “For years she’s been doing all the heavy lifting while I’ve been the guy on-camera pretending to know what’s going on. I just can’t keep up the lies, the deceit, the endorsement deals…well, those are actually quite nice,” said Peter as he wiped away several tears with his fake grease-stained hands.

While several tool manufacturers commented that they had no idea @mrstoolhog was the brains behind the channel, a few others commented that it was “sort of obvious”. After the admission, an overwhelming number of followers insisted the channel continue on uninterrupted, except that the roles be reversed, with Mrs. Spruce heading up all future posts.

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