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Snap-on to Sell All Mechanics Sets with Only 10mm Sockets

KENOSHA – Admitting they can’t stand the incessant whining from automotive technicians, Snap-on finally made the move to include only 10mm sockets in their mechanic’s tool sets sold from here on out.

“Finally, Snap-on is doing something about the fact that I lose 10mm sockets and wenches at a rate of about three per day,” said Mike the mechanic. “At an average cost of $550 for a replacement tool, I no longer have to choose between getting new 10mm sockets and putting my daughter through college. Since every socket is now 10mm, I’ll last up to a full week before having to go further into debt and replenish my tool chest.”

When Tool Reporter asked Snap-on about the reasons why mechanics lose 10mm sockets, the company rep gave several reasons, ranging from gravity and greasy hands to  Craftsman Tools-sponsored corporate espionage, before finally telling us “No comment” and stooping down to hunt around the floor for a misplaced 10mm socket.

Snap-on is also planning to release a Super Mechanics Auxiliary Set in time for Christmas that will include 100 extra 10mm wrenches and sockets. It will retail for $52,675 and should deliver a full year of use to mechanics before they have to reorder.

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