Savvy Mac Tools Driver Makes the Most of Food Truck Rally

ALTON – An enterprising Mac Tools salesman disguised his truck in the midst of a food truck rally, making 6 years’ worth of sales in just one night. The move skyrocketed him to the top the Midwest sales force and earned a spot on Mac Tools’ world headquarters Wall of Stars.

“I was driving through town, making both of my normal stops when I saw the food trucks,” said salesman, Joseph Myers. “I hadn’t made a sale in 17 months, so I just decided to make a few adjustments to the decoration and see what happened.”

And what happened next is legendary.

“All of these young folks kept coming up and asking to see a menu, so I handed them catalogs. Next thing you know, they’re ordering left and right. I tell them how much their order will be out of every paycheck, but they just handed over their credit cards and said they were paying cash. Then they started taking selfies with me and posting to that Faceagram thing. The next thing I know, I’m totally sold out of everything and there was still a huge line of people I had to turn away,” Myers exclaimed.

“We’ve all seen the taco trucks, burger trucks, BBQ trucks, and even Togolese trucks. But a tool truck? That was something none of us had experienced and the paint job was so cute,” notes Angelina Dross, 23.

Dustin Chase, 19, added, “It was awesome, man. I’ve never wanted to try so many things at one time. I just couldn’t decide, so I asked for one of everything. I really hope he comes back for next month’s rally.”

Myers says that he’ll start touring food truck rallies around the country once he gets back from taking his wife to Tahiti.


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