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Ryobi to Include Free Clamshell Shears with Every 18V Battery Package

After making it into the Guinness Book of World Records for most securely-packaged battery blister packs, Ryobi power tools will now include free clamshell shears with every 18V battery package sold at Home Depot.

“Having secured the record of having the most secure battery packaging in the world, we can now turn our attention to better serve our consumers by including a free pair of clamshell shears with every battery sold,” said a Ryobi retail packaging manager. “We estimate it will now only take 10 minutes to open a Ryobi battery pack—down from 45 minutes (not including the trip to the emergency room for sutures). With our included clamshell shears, opening a battery pack takes just twelve easy steps.”

Ryobi Battery Pack Removal Instructions

  1. Remove the battery packaging from the enclosed box
  2. Cut along the left side of the packaging, being careful not to slice across the user manual, embedded RF tracking sticker, or supportive V-bracing located at the bottom of the package
  3. Cut along the top of the package
  4. Cut along the right side of the package, again ensuring that the shears do not slice through the bottom V-bracing
  5. Discard removed pieces safely so as to not present a cut hazard
  6. Be careful to not cut yourself on the exposed battery packaging edges
  7. Insert a 1/4-inch or larger slotted screwdriver into the top of the packaging
  8. Work the screwdriver carefully back and forth along the top edge of the exposed packaging, slowly inserting the bit further and further into the top until you penetrate 3/4-inches in depth along the entire top side
  9. Pull the slotted screwdriver forward and push backward to work the opening loose across the entire top of the battery packaging
  10. Pry apart the packaging with your thumb and forefinger. Ryobi recommends the use of cut-resistant gloves during these exercise as injuries may occur if you are not careful to avoid the sharp edges.
  11. Remove warranty materials and instruction booklet and discard battery packaging in an appropriate receptacle

With the announcement of Ryobi 9Ah batteries, the larger clamshell size makes them eligible to qualify in a new category for most securely-packaged oversized battery blister packs which they plan to enter officially later this year.

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