Review – Ridgid MobilAir Tri-Stack 5-Gallon Compressor Air Tools Power Tools 

Review – Ridgid MobilAir Tri-Stack 5-Gallon Compressor

Compressors. When you need them, you need them but they aren’t the sexiest of tools. Which is too bad because a bad one can really ruin your day (or life as you generally try not to buy more than one). Sure, you can buy one, try it out, and try and get it back for a trade in before the warranty runs out, but that’s a crapshoot. And then you are stuck trying to sell it online or to a friend. Better you should have a few reviews to look at. That’s why we were excited to see Tool Snob review Ridgid’s MobilAir Tri-Stack 5-Gallon Compressor. The deal with this thing is that it is meant to be revolutionary. That means game changing. That usually means epic fail in our book. The reason the game is like it is is because that’s what works (that may be the most awkward sentence I’ve ever written – I’m going to have that framed and put above my desk). The MobiAir Tri-Stack is designed to split into two parts. This is great for lugging the thing around or doing two jobs at once. Tool Snob was really impressed and we were too. This one may be on our next Christmas list. Check after the break for a promotional video.

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