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Bosch Brushless 18V Connected Grinder GWS18V-125SC

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GUEST POST – Dwain is one of the experts behind OZToolTalk, from Australia . You can find more of their video tool reviews on their Youtube Channel.  

Bosch are making some waves this year, putting out some seriously premium 18v tools. Most importantly they have released their CORE batteries with greatly increased power ouput, enabling a host of more powerful 18v tools. These include their incredible new sabre saw GSA18V-125K, their 1″ Bulldog SDS GHB18V-26K and now their first brushless grinder, the GWS18V-125SC (note that is the European model number, may not be same in the US when released). Bosch claim it has the power of a 1,000W electric grinder when paired with a CORE battery!

The GWS 18-125 SC is the ‘connected’ model, which is Bosch’s bluetooth tool control system. It allows users to alter settings like startup speed and the LED light, and also shows usage statistics. It is controllable via the Bosch Toolbox app, and works perfectly. It updates almost instantaneously  and is completely intuitive. The model without the connected capability is unsurprisingly designated the GWS 18-125 S.

Whilst the bluetooth functionality is welcome, what users really want on a cordless grinder is power. 5 years ago a cordless grinder was really just a cut-off tool, for small bolts, sheet metal cut-outs etc. In 2017 users expect to grind with 18v grinders, and that requires a lot more power.

Well I’m pleased to report that Bosch’s brushless grinder is the most powerful 18V grinder I’ve

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