PETA sues SawstopSafety 

PETA Sues Sawstop Over Excessive Use of Hot Dogs

NORFOLK – Upset at the dramatic increase in the unnecessary slaughter of pigs in our country, PETA sued SawStop and their parent company TTS Tooltechnic Systems this week over excessive use of hot dogs in tool demos of its flesh detection system.

Documents filed in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals from lawyers on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) claim that SawStop is responsible for a thousand-fold increase in hot dog, bratwurst, and sausage sales in all locales where these tools are being tested by members of the media.

“SawStop’s use of hotdogs and sausages to show off their flesh detection system is completely irresponsible, said a PETA official who asked to remain anonymous since the litigation is ongoing. “After watching these amazing slow-motion videos, people want to recreate the tests at home. The increase in sales of pig-related products for people to test this saw is creating more of an obsession with killing pigs than ‘Jaws’ did with sharks.”

According to one SawStop employee with intimate knowledge of the case, the company is working on a compromise involving gluten-free tofu-based hot dog substitutes which can be included with each SawStop product delivered to reviewers and members of the media.

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