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OSHA Approves New Hard Hat for Man Buns

WASHINGTON – Citing a need for more up-to-date safety solutions that meet the needs of today’s millennials and modern styles, OSHA has approved a new hard hat design for those workers sporting a man bun.

“We really wanted to make sure that workers would be able to continue operating tools and equipment safely while still sporting their personal choice of hairstyle,” said an OSHA spokesperson. “There’s no reason safety and style can’t work hand-in-hand on the job site. I personally feel that the new hard hat styles look great and make it more palatable for the next generation of workers to feel more comfortable moving into a job in the construction field.”

Under current review are new regulations regarding the use of portable Bluetooth speakers which clip securely into ear gauges. These also prevent accidental snagging on machinery when performing repetitive tasks.

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