Milwaukee PACKOUT Modular Storage System

One of the most impressive innovations that we saw at the Milwaukee 2017 New Product Symposium (#NPS17) was their new PACKOUT Modular Storage System. This groundbreaking new storage system seems to be generating a lot of buzz, and was somewhat unexpected by the Coptool crew. The new PACKOUT system does very well in addressing current issues with modular storage systems and introduces innovative and forward thinking solutions that will definitely please the Milwaukee Tool user base.

Milwaukee introduces PACKOUT as the first “truly modular” storage system. What they mean by this is that it is the most diverse and innovative modular storage system available. The PACKOUT system is unique in that it can stack more than one size of storage, and even includes first ever modular soft storage bags. This is done with the use of top and bottom cleats that universally fit every PACKOUT storage option. The cleat design is very simple to use, yet tough enough to withstand jobsite abuse. The system works by simply placing any PACKOUT box or bag on top of another and sliding it backwards in to locking place. The release mechanism can be found on the face of most boxes and is a simple one handed release design that works quickly and smoothly.

All PACKOUT units are IP65 weather sealed and feature a super durable impact resistant polymer design that Milwaukee has proven to be superior to comparable Modular systems. They also all feature a Milwaukee TICK mounting spot as well

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