Milwaukee 2017-2018 GRIDIRON Work Gear

Milwaukee Heated Work Gear & Now Milwaukee Non-Heated Work Gear have been a huge success from what we have seen in the past couple years. We’ve seen them make some pretty big innovations in work wear, and they seem to step up the quality and functionality almost ever year. This year, Milwaukee has taken some tips from workers in the field, heard their frustrations with cold weather work clothes, and delivered an impressive new lineup of hard-hitting cold weather gear for Milwaukee fans everywhere.

Unlike the last few years, we will not be seeing any new M12 heated gear, as the jackets and hoodies they released last year are already very impressive. So for those of you that missed your chance to get your hands on the gray, black, red, or camo heated jackets and hoodies last year when they SOLD OUT, its not too late.

Coming this fall, we will see new non-heated GRIDIRON Workwear from Milwaukee that focuses on super-durable construction and functionality rather than heating. These new products feature a tough GRIDIRON outer shell that is up to 3X more durable than traditional c12 oz. cotton duck, and is much more tear and abrasion resistant. They are also wind and water resistant, so those that work in cold rain and snowy environments will not have to worry about getting wet and freezing the rest of their shift. Cotton duck jackets can eventually get wet in the snow, and usually offer no comfort in freezing rain as

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