Milwaukee M18 SafeSpace Radio Filters Out Offensive SpeechProducts 

Milwaukee M18 SafeSpace Radio Filters Out Offensive Speech

BROOKFIELD – Milwaukee Tool has announced their newest game-changing innovation. The newest M18 charging radio promises to keep the peace with new-to-world SAFESPACE speech filtering technology.

In a statement released last Friday, Milwaukee Tool President, Steve Richman said, “The new Milwaukee M18 SAFESPACE radio is a response to worker shortages that will help attract Millennials to the trades. By filtering out speech our algorithm determines to be offensive, this crucial age group will feel safer and more comfortable on site.

“It’s disruptive innovation on a level that goes beyond the tool itself – it hits at the heart and soul of the user. And with ONE-KEY built in, you can turn on SAFESPACE from up to 100 feet away if the broadcast you’re listening to gets too uncomfortable.”

Tool Reporter received an early sample of the radio to see first-hand what happens when you engage the SAFESPACE button.

We were unable to play country, pop, or Latin radio stations along with any conservative podcasts. However, NPR, CNN radio, and folk music came through crystal clear. There’s no doubt this technology will change the game like no other.

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