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Milwaukee to Include Cut-Resistant Gloves with All Twist Drill Bit Kits

BROOKFIELD – Seeking to stem the flow of massive injuries caused by the removal of any bits from their titanium and other twist drill bit kits, Milwaukee Tool is now including a pair of cut-resistant gloves with every set.

“We designed the kits so that you really need to use one of our other tools to remove a bit—perhaps one of our linemen’s pliers or even an M12 press tool. For some reason, however, people still insist on using their fingers,” said a Milwaukee product manager. “We even addressed this potential problem by making the case red to hide the evidence of any unfortunate accidents. After multiple reports of cut and mutilated fingertips, we’ve finally decided to include a pair of Milwaukee cut-resistant gloves with every set. Now, Pros can safely access their bits tool-free and without fear of staining the job site red—though we still love that color.”

Due to the sharpness of the bits, Milwaukee Tool only recommends the use of the included cut-resistant gloves for a period of 2 weeks before seeking a replacement pair or going back to using their press tool.

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