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Metabo and Metabo HPT Enter Counseling to Resolve Differences

WEST CHESTER – After weeks of bitter infighting, name-calling, and strife, Metabo and Metabo HPT have agreed to enter counseling in order to resolve their differences.

“It’s just not fair!” said Metabo North America president and CEO Joseph Smith. “We were here first, and then Hitachi tools comes along and decides to steal our good name. AND, they add HPT to the end–for ‘High Performance Tools’. What are we? Low performance tools? I mean, sure, nobody knew who Metabo was before this. Now we may finally have some brand recognition, but since our tools, batteries, and chargers are completely incompatible with Metabo HPT, it’s only resulting in mass confusion.”

Hitachi, I mean, Metabo…or rather, Metabo HPT, couldn’t be reached for comment. In fact, we weren’t sure we could even find their correct website.

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