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Marvin the Martian Threatens to Use Ryobi P236 Space Modulator to Blow Up the Earth

MARS – Taking advantage of the latest power and run-time advances made possible by newer lithium-ion technology, Marvin the Martian has threatened to use the Ryobi P236 space modulator to blow up the Earth.

“When we got the order for an entire pallet of P236 Space Modulators we were pleased, but when we saw that the shipping costs were going to be $2.4 billion dollars to get them to Mars we thought it must surely be a joke,” said a spokesperson for Ryobi Power Tools. Sure enough, however, the payment arrived and everything checked out, so we sent out the shipment. Little did we know it was going to Marvin and he’d be up to his old tricks.”

Since the shipment was sent last week and nothing further has occurred, the assumption is that there may have been some difficulties in implementation. World governments, including delegates co-chaired by the United States and Warner Brothers, have made various attempts to contact Marvin the Martian regarding his threats, but as of yet the only reply has been “There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering kaboom! This makes me very angry, very angry indeed.”

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