Marvel Revamps Wolverine Character with OLFA KnivesBrands 

Marvel Revamps Wolverine Character with OLFA Knives

HOLLYWOOD – A recent sponsorship deal has Marvel revamping the Wolverine character to use OLFA knives instead of indestructible retracting claws in a bid to make the character “more believable and down-to-earth”.

Wolverine co-creator, Roy Thomas, said “it was time to reinvent Wolverine to be more…human. Adamantium claws were a great literary element and tool back in the day, but now we want our heroes to be able to be more vulnerable—both emotionally and physically. With the switch to OLFA knives, Wolverine now has infinitely sharp blades to use for offense, but just like a gun-totin’ supervillain, he has to reload from time to time once that last snap-off segment is damaged.”

Fan feedback was largely mixed, with some describing the move as “dumber than the last 6 DC movies combined” and others stating “it’s about time Wolverine wasn’t quite so invincible…and it won’t be nearly as difficult now to make my Halloween costume!”

Marvel has yet to announce whether they’ll be using HD Ultra-Sharp Black Snap-Blades or sticking with the standard HD Silver.

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