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Makita Tools Adds Makita TV Infotainment System to Select Tools

LA MIRADA – Japanese power tool manufacturer, Makita Tools, is refusing to be left behind by the onslaught of smart tools from Bosch, DeWalt, Milwaukee, and others. They’re hoping to attract a new breed of professionals by including 16K OLED screens on upcoming 18V X2 products.

“In order to be relevant for the next generation of tradesmen, we have to build tools that not only get the job done, but that also appeal to our target end users,” said Richard Chapman, Executive Vice President of Sales for Makita USA. “To that end, our next generation of drills, impact drivers, and screwguns will be Makita 18V X2 LXT Cordless Brushless MTV products. We’re excited to announce that these tools will have a flexible 7-13/23″ 16K OLED screen that takes advantage of the new Makita TV app for iPhone and Android.”

“Using the free Makita TV app on your iOS or Android phone, users will now be able to binge-watch their favorite shows while they’re working using cell data or jobsite WiFi. The system also integrates with our new Makita Jobsite – a revolutionary information system that tells workers where to go, what time they need to leave to be on time, what tools they’re supposed to show up with, and what clothes to wear. It even links to instructional YouTube videos that can teach how to do common jobs.”

Tool Reporter reached out to OSHA’s main office and asked what impact they thought they might see on the jobsite. We were told that as long as they use fall protection and follow Table 1 methods, they don’t see any potential issues.

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