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Riot Starts Over Make Asbestos Great Again March

LAS VEGAS – A riot started suddenly over some confusion during the Make Asbestos Great Again march which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada during the annual Commercial Insulation Expo. In an unfortunate fashion faux pas, marchers selected to place the abbreviated “MAGA” logo on red shirts and hats, which sparked immediate outrage from a nearby teachers union protest.

“It appears that certain members from the teachers union rushed the Asbestos marchers, shouting at them to ‘tone down their violent speech’ at which point they started calling them names and throwing safety scissors,” said officer Johnson, who arrived on the scene shortly after the disruption started. “After the marchers refused to respond, the union protestors started pushing and shoving, with some of the members even going so far as to start drawing safe space lines around themselves just inches away from the path of the marchers.”

Once police arrived on the scene, things calmed down quickly and both the march and protest resumed peacefully and without interruption. Shelly Los, a representative for the Make Asbestos Great Again group, commented: “Perhaps we need to change our logo colors from white and red to something that isn’t as easily confused with other similar logos.”

No further violence ensued throughout the Expo.

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