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Mad Libs Announces Press Release Edition

NEW YORK – Citing a level of excitement not seen since the invention of social media, media and PR representatives everywhere are going crazy over the newest Mad Libs Press Release Edition. Originally designed as a game, marketing assistants and junior account executives everywhere are using the new tool to save time while easily generating dozens of press releases.

“The system is sooooo easy! All I have to do is plug in the company and product names and the release almost writes itself!” said Amanda Bastian, junior associate media executive for Tee Anday Associates. Another PR assistant working for Revenue Procurement Professionals, who wanted to stay anonymous, cited the new Mad Libs tool as being “a resource that media and PR personnel will be using for years and years.”

Tool Reporter was able to obtain one sample of the new Mad Libs Press Release Edition:

__COMPANY NAME__ continues to revolutionize the tool industry with the introduction of the new ___PRODUCT___. As the first ___VOLTAGE NUMBER BETWEEN 4 AND 120___V ___ADJECTIVE___ ___TECHNOLOGICAL ADJECTIVE___ ___TOOL CATEGORY___ in the market, the ___ABBREVIATED TOOL NAME___ uses a technology called ___LIQUID___-DRIVE™ ___EXPENSIVE METAL___ ___REALLY COOL-SOUNDING WORD___ which delivers 2X ___ADDITIVE OR SUBTRACTIVE WORD___ ___NEGATIVE FEATURE 1___ and ___NEGATIVE FEATURE 2___ and maintains ___ADJECTIVE___ ___TOOL SPEC___ longer than standard ___TOOL CATEGORY___s.

“__COMPANY NAME__ has always been at the forefront of ___TYPE OF INDUSTRY___ and with the launch of the ___PREVIOUS PRODUCT___ we were able to ___VERB___ a ___POSITIVE ADJEC TIVE___ user experience through ___ADJECTIVE___ operation and less ___NOUN___, while ___VERB___ing ___ADJECTIVE___ to ___ADJECTIVE___ ___MEASUREMENT___ ___TYPE OF MATERIAL___ equal to or faster than a standard ___TOOL CATEGORY___,” said ___PRODUCT MNANAGER NAME___, Product Manager for __COMPANY NAME__. “With the introduction of the ___PRODUCT___ we’re bringing this same ___ADJECTIVE___ technology to our ___VOLTAGE NUMBER BETWEEN 4 AND 120___ ___ADJECTIVE FOR SMALL___ line. The ___PRODUCT___ will be ___POSITIVE ADJECTIVE___ for current and future ___VOLTAGE NUMBER BETWEEN 4 AND 120___ users.”

The new ___PRODUCT___ operates up to 2X ___ADJECTIVE___ than standard ___TOOL TYPE___, which not only makes it a ___ADJECTIVE___ option for ___ADJECTIVE___ work environments such as ___TYPE OF WORK___ in ___TYPE OF WORKPLACE___ or ___OTHER TYPE OF WORK___, but it also provides ___NOUN___ benefits.

Being the only ___ADJECTIVE___ ___TOOL CATEGORY___ in the market, the ___ADJECTIVE___ design offers users a new solution for working in ___ADJECTIVE___ ___NOUN___. Its ___ADJECTIVE___ size allows it to be easily ___VERB___ed on a ___TOOL CARRYING DEVICE___ or in a ___OTHER TOOL CARRYING DEVICE___ and allows the best ___NOUN___ in ___ADJECTIVE___ workspaces.

With up to ___NUMBER BETWEEN 2 AND 100___X less ___NOUN___, the ___ADJECTIVE___ performance of ___ABBREVIATED TOOL NAME___ provides more ___NOUN___ and creates less ___NEGATIVE NOUN___ and ___NEGATIVE NOUN___ on the user. The exclusive ___LIQUID___-DRIVE™ ___EXPENSIVE METAL___ design essentially replaces the traditional ___NOUN___ and ___NOUN___ mechanism found in standard ___TOOL TYPE___ with a ___FANCY TECHNOLOGICAL TERM___ mechanism that generates the ___ADJECTIVE___ necessary to ___VERB___ ___NOUN___. Because there’s no ___TECHNO-NOUN___, the net result is ___ADJECTIVE___ performance, with a decrease in ___NOUN___ and ___NOUN___, as well as ___ADJECTIVE___ ___ADJECTIVE___ ___NOUN___.

As with all ___VOLTAGE NUMBER BETWEEN 4 AND 120___ products, the new tools feature ___NUMBER BETWEEN 2 AND 4___ __COMPANY NAME__-exclusive innovations — the ___AWE-INSPIRING TECHHY NAME___ motor, ___ADJECTIVE___ battery technology and ___ADJECTIVE___ electronics— to deliver ___ADJECTIVE___ performance, durability and run-time.

Available in ___DATE___, the new ___PRODUCT___ is a true testament to ___COMPANY___’s focus on the user and dedication to game-changing technology.

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Tool Reporter Note: Please feel free to print out this page and experiment with your own press releases.

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