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Man Insists He Can Fit Entire Lowe’s Lumber Yard on His Car

BETHLEHEM – Claiming their truck rental rates are “ridiculous”, a Pennsylvania man insisted he could fit the entire contents of a Lowe’s lumber yard on his VW Jetta before driving clear across town.

“I don’t need to pay the extortion rate of $19.99 for 75 minutes of rental time just to build a simple 10×12 storage shed,” exclaimed Julio Sanchez, a Bethlehem resident, and self-described DIY maestro. “I just got done adding new wheels and a lift kit to my baby. If she can handle my mother-in-law and her sister, she can handle this load. I mean, you can stack 3,000 pounds of lumber and material on a $200 rolling steel cart. Clearly, my ride should be able to handle the load just fine.”

Tool Reporter followed up after the trip, but Julio declined to comment and was “looking for a new gig after it turned out his Uber job wasn’t going to work out after all.”

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