Light Rain Added to Table 1 As OSHA-Approved Dust Control MethodSafety 

Light Rain Added to Table 1 As OSHA-Approved Silica Dust Control Method

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In one of the most common sense moves in centuries, OSHA officials have announced that light to heavy rain is now approved for silica dust control under Table 1.

“It’s long been understood that water-based dust control is an effective way to keep silica dust from becoming airborne,” said OSHA researcher, Dusty Rhodes. “We found that rainfall amounting to at least 0.2893492 inches per hour traps and clears silica dust particles as effectively as on on-board water delivery systems.

“New OHSA-approved digital rainfall gauges use an LED indicator to let site managers know when to green-light concrete cutting, grinding, and drilling with no additional equipment.

“For interior concrete work, we’re already working on methods to use existing sprinkler systems and achieve the same convenience level for those crews.”

It seems clear that the announcement is being well-received. Tool Reporter was on site to witness the joy in the faces of an excited crew as they shed PPE and dust extractors in response to a National Weather Service severe thunderstorm advisory.

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