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Austin Man in Counseling After Judge Awards Ex-Wife Entire Makita Tool Collection in Divorce

AUSTIN – In a complete state of madness and denial, an Austin man is in counseling after a judge awarded his entire Makita tool collection to his ex-wife following a lengthy and bitter divorce.

“It’s not fair,” said Bill Nabisko, looking a bit shaken. “She’s afraid of power tools and hated every moment I spent in the shop working on projects! I painted my car teal…I named my dog Teal…Makita is my life!”

Judge Leo Dolschivitz ruled in late May on the case, stating that “The tools were the only thing of value the husband possessed. They had to be awarded to the former wife since there was no other way to properly divide the estate. If he bides his time, he can probably get most of them back fairly inexpensively when they are listed on Facebook Marketplace or CraigsList.”

The former Mrs. Nabisko could not be reached for comment.

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