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International Olympic Committee Considers Conduit Bending for 2020 Games

SWITZERLAND – After witnessing the incredible feats of difficulty in making simultaneous compound 90s and offsets in 3/4-inch EMT, the International Olympic Committee is now considering adding conduit bending as an official sport for the 2020 games.

“It’s about dang time we got recognized for the incredible work we do,” said Jim Allain, journeyman electrician in Alabama. “There ain’t no way bending conduit is less gold medal-worthy than skeeter-shootin’ or skatin’ on them there snowy boards. I’m looking forward to representin’ my great country of Alabama in these Olympics so-as I can make a name for all us hard-working union folks.

The Olympic Committee couldn’t be reached for comment as they were apparently in Vail Colorado convening about a potential admission of stone-skimming followed by a 4-week excursion to New Zealand to determine whether trampolining will remain an official sport, and then a 3-week cruise to Acapulco to discuss the merits of competitive indoor skydiving.

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