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World of Concrete 2016 Highlights

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World of Concrete 2016 Highlights

Whenever we go to a trade show or media event we often post in realtime to our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Many of you are not able to follow along during the work day so we like to do aggregate posts that catch you up to speed of the new developments we find interesting (like these past events 2015 WOC, 2015 KEEN Utility, and 2015 Milwaukee). We attended the World of Concrete 2016 show again this year and covered as much of the show as possible in two days but the show was massive. It was the largest one in 7 years. We tried to hit as many manufacturers as we could but it was impossible to hit everything. Below are some of the highlights that caught our eye this year.

World of Concrete 2016 Twitter Feed

Heard of @ReechCraftUSA? They offer fast access solutions for pros. Cool stuff.…

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