Weather Guard Truck Box Review – Saddle Box Style Home 

Weather Guard Truck Box Review – Saddle Box Style

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Having a truck for work is crucial.  On any giving day, you have no ideas what you will be hauling around.  Having the bed in the back is great and makes your life so much easier.  However, there is one small problem or price we have to pay for the ability to have an open bed.  We lose the ability to securely store and transport certain items.  Now if you have a crew cab, sure you have some room to lock up your tools, but for a single cab, how do you lock your stuff up and protect it?  As a truck owner, you really only have four options.  You can either chance it and leave your tools in the back, which means people can easily steal them or get ruined with the environment.  You can install cab, but some people don’t like the looks of it, plus you limited yourself

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