Review: DeWalt Tough System Small Tool Box Home 

Review: DeWalt Tough System Small Tool Box

Have you ever looked at your portable tool box sitting next to your carrying case for your new cordless drill and think, “Man, that thing looks wimpy!” The newer hard cases that come with tools look like they were designed by SkyNet while most portable toolboxes look like they are either a coat of pink paint away from being something your wife would store her makeup in or are terribly inefficient in space management. While I’ve like some of the soft cases that have come out lately, some people (and applications) require a bit more protection. DeWalt is looking to fill these needs with the new Tough System. They come in three sizes and ToolGuyd took a look at the smallest one. This “small” case is 21″ long x 12″ wide x 6″ tall, and it has a weight capacity of 66 lbs. There are four handles on the thing, it is constructed out of 4mm-thick structural foam (rated to IP65 standards), and it is essentially waterproof. But what did he think? From the review:

So how tough are these so-called Tough tool boxes? They’re tougher than an under-cooked brisket. Tougher than nails. Tougher than finding a table at an upscale restaurant at 7pm on Valentine’s Day…I very highly recommend Dewalt’s Tough System tool cases – they are strong, sturdy, and rugged, and they offer a phenomenally high level of protection. And if that wasn’t enough, these tool boxes are very affordable as well.

At $50 for this small version (MSRP $80), the new DeWalt cases look like they may be the go-to Father’s Day present this year. Follow the link below for more pictures, details, and conclusions.

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