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Question: Tools for a Vehicle Emergency Toolbox?

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While I was checking my spare tire a few days ago, I was reminded that I never got around to replacing the emergency toolbox I took out of my truck. Somehow water got into it, probably from a carelessly spilled drink or slushy feet. Most of the tools were rusted beyond saving and the toolbox was horribly stained.

It probably wasn’t a very effective emergency toolbox anyway. When I put the first toolbox together, I was much younger and less experienced with vehicles and tools. I just threw in spare tools I had lying around that I thought might be useful to make roadside repairs

Here are the contents of the previous box:

Ball peen hammer Bit driver with multiple bit storage Vise Grips Strap Wrench Various sized combination wrenches

I stored all of these tools in a small plastic blow molded Craftsman toolbox — that obviously wasn’t waterproof

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