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New Festool Hand Sanding Products

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Festool is expanding into the hand sanding business, with premium products of all kinds.

The new abrasives lineup features their Granat formulation, which they say achieves the desired results quickly and efficiently, even for unpowered hand sanding.

In my experience, Festool Granat abrasives are long-lasting, and indeed also high-performing. Festool adds that they’re durable, tear-resistant, and washable.

The various pads have a synthetic bonding resin that “provides a tenacious grip.” That’s always good, if you don’t want free particles dragging along and scratching your work – or worse, getting embedded.

As an aside, I once had to polish up some metallurgical samples so that we could examine their structures in a microscope. We had a fancy sanding machine which applied pressure to a sample (which was fixed in a molded epoxy holder), but it ended up embedding diamond particles into the softish metal. I was working with an experienced metallurgist who taught me how

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