New Dremel… Laser Cutter?

Dremel is coming out with a new laser cutter, called DigiLab.

They’re also coming out with a new 3rd-generation 3D printer that has a heated base and new heating element for working with ABS and other filaments their current 3D printer isn’t quite ideal for.

The best thing about this new laser cutter is that it’s compatible with all Dremel corded and cordless rotary tools! Just kidding. It’s a multi-thousand dollar machine that requires AC power, a few square feet of desktop or shelf space, and either a vent to the outside or a laser cutter fume extractor.

There are a few things I learned about the new Dremel laser cutter at a recent Maker Faire where it was debuted. Perhaps most importantly, it’s going to cost several thousand dollars, and is expected out in Summer 2018.

Although it’s going to cost a fair bit of coin, it’s expected

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