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New Dewalt Bluetooth-Connectable Power Tools and Add-on Modules

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Dewalt just send out a cryptic teaser email about some new Dewalt Tool Connect developments, but there’s enough to get a sense for what’s going on.

Up to now, Dewalt Tool Connect was only about 20V Max Bluetooth batteries, and while neat in theory, this doesn’t actually give you that much functionality.

I must admit, I have Dewalt’s Tool Connect app on my phone, but I don’t remember the last time I opened it. Have I ever opened it? And I have a 20V Max Bluetooth battery, but can’t remember ever connecting to it with the Dewalt Tool Connect App.

But Bluetooth-connected tools and tool modules do have potential – just look at what Milwaukee has done with their One-Key system. Milwaukee has new “Tick One-Key” tool tracking modules coming out soon, and Bosch’s TrackTag was announced in Europe some time ago.

Black & Decker also has Smart Bluetooth-connectable battery packs.


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