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Milwaukee Spot Infrared Imager Review

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When it comes to infrared imagers, Flir and Fluke have owned the market.  However, over the last couple of years, Milwaukee has been jumping into this category and has been making some waves.  Take the Milwaukee Thermal Imager 2258-21 or the Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2260-21 as an example.  Both of these imagers have been a big hit with the consumers.  While they have been a big hit in the marketplace, they are packed with more bells & whistles that not everyone needs.  Some tradesmen just want a simple, cost-effective solution, so let’s jump into the Milwaukee Spot Infrared Imager Review.

Milwaukee Spot Infrared Imager Review Overview

When you are trying to diagnose a problem most of the time you really have two options, which for certain applications are not the best options.  You have a temperature gun which is great, but there isn’t an image.  Or you have a thermal imager camera which is great but comes at an expense.

So with that said, this is one of the reasons Milwaukee designed and created the Milwaukee Spot Infrared Camera.  Basically, you get the best of both tools in this one small, easy to use imager.

Milwaukee Spot Infrared Imager Review Features

The imager is very small compared to some of the thermal cameras we have tested.  In fact, the size is closer to a temperature gun.

The front of the imager is protected by a rubber cover.  This imager features a

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