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How Do You Control a Dust Vacuum from a Cordless Power Tool?

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Let’s say you have a cordless power tool. A miter saw? Rotary hammer? Circular saw? Jig saw? Table saw?

And you have a dust extractor or shop vacuum. Maybe it offers an automatic start mode – but that’ll only work when a corded tool is plugged in.

So how do you start a dust extractor or vacuum with a cordless tool?

There are some specialty vacs that attach to the tool, but as far as I’ve seen, that only applies to on-tool rotary hammer extraction vacs.

Not all corded tools can turn on automatic dust extractors either, because of power draw considerations. That’s one reason a lot of users have welcomed the emergence of near corded-performing cordless power tools, because it takes some issues or potential issues out of the equation when working on certain projects or at certain work locations.

There are some remote control systems that allow for

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