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Dewalt FlexVolt Track Saw (Coming Soon Teaser)

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Behold, the Dewalt FlexVolt track saw, model DCS520T2!

The last time I asked, I was told that the Dewalt FlexVolt track saw would be due in the USA around April 2017, so it’s still a bit away. But it IS coming to the USA, which is good news.

You can buy a corded Dewalt track saw right now, but there’s appeal in cordless solutions, or at least I think so. Most users still have to deal with a vacuum hose, but a hose is easier to deal with than a hose and a power cord.

I’m a Festool track saw guy. I made the plunge – ha, get it?! – a few years ago, and haven’t looked back with even an ounce of regret.

In my experience, my plunge-cutting Festool track saw cuts cleaner and with greater precision than any regular circular saw I’ve used before or since. It can make cuts

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