A Few Things I Learned About Myself and DIY Electrical Work Home 

A Few Things I Learned About Myself and DIY Electrical Work

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I Really Hate Encountering Unexpected Situations I Don’t Understand

I am very comfortable working with electrical systems. And I thought I’d be fine with some “easy” outlet and switch replacements.

I didn’t know what the situation would be until I peeked at the wiring, and I really didn’t anticipate what I’d find. That’s why I wired replacement outlets as in exactly the same manner as the existing devices.

No, I didn’t think it was proper to wire 5 conductors to an outlet, but I didn’t want to start doing things differently without fully understanding why it was done that way. It took me perhaps too much thinking and sketching things out to understand what all those wires did.

Try to change too much at once, and mistakes are more likely, or at least harder to track. I was trying to be cautious.

It’s really a lack of experience. Experience

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