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Home Depot Sued Over Fat Shaming Husky Brand

ATLANTA – Complaining about the unfortunately-named Husky tool brand, Home Depot was sued this week by the League of Excessive Weight Damsels (LEWD) for selling tools under the fat shaming label. “We don’t want to tell Home Depot to stop selling Husky tools, but they should change the name to something less offensive,” said LEWD president Cheryl Biggins, noting that she doesn’t actually shop at Home Depot, but would never consider it so long as the Husky brand remained on store shelves. “Every time you walk into the store you’re assaulted by ‘extra wide’ Husky shelves, ‘heavy duty’ power tools, and products that promise to ‘carry the load’. It’s simply oppressive, rude, and—quite frankly—depressing to those of us who are weight-challenged.”

Home Depot declined to comment, but LEWD members had plenty to say on their Twitter feed:

“Seriously, first it was Sears with their fat-shaming Husky clothing line. That was bad enough—and look where they are now. If Home Depot doesn’t want to suffer the same fate, they’ll rename their Husky tools into something more weight-inclusive.” – Jeanette G.

“Husky brings to mind an embarrassing time in my life, when I had to shop for clothing at midnight so nobody would see me. I still bear the mental scars. There’s no way I should have to suffer the same trauma when shopping for hand tools.” – Greg F.

“Husky? Really? Like the size of my tools matters. I mean, come on…why would you want to grab a husky (sic) screwdriver—particularly if you had another option with a name that didn’t incite hatred and bigotry.” – Francine S.

Some comments were a bit more direct. Many made suggestions for a replacement name for the Husky brand. Some of the more interesting options included:

  • Beautiful Alaskan Dog
  • Svelte and Beautiful
  • Nogordo

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