When Did You Learn How to Use a Tape Measure? Hand Tools 

When Did You Learn How to Use a Tape Measure?

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I just read a news article talking about Home Depot targeting “millennials,” and in the story they mocked Home Depot’s “How to Use a Tape Measure” video.

I wasn’t aware of the video, or their “DIY Digital Workshop” videos, so I took a look at the 59 second tutorial. Here it is:

That’s pretty basic stuff, and leaves some things out, but I’m sure that 1 minute of the pure basics is exactly what some people need.

Different people have different capabilities. I never took a shop class, a woodworking class, or anything of the like. I remember my father using tape measures when I was a kid, and I remember borrowing them when I needed to measure something too long for a ruler.


There is nothing wrong with not knowing how to use basic tools, as long as one is willing to learn when the need

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