Makita ImpactX Screwdriver Bit Holders Hand Tools 

Makita ImpactX Screwdriver Bit Holders

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As I mentioned yesterday – Favorite Screwdriver and Impact Driver Bits? – I’ve been preparing for an upcoming head-to-head drill/driver test (and also a following impact driver test). In doing so, I picked up various power tool accessories, leading to a search for new bit holders to try out.

I know that Makita has been coming out with a new line of improved impact-rated screwdriver bits and accessories, called ImpactX, and came across them again when researching latest-generation bit holders.

Umm… why are there two somewhat similar Makita ImpactX bit holders at the same price? The 2-3/8″ bit holders I were looking at were described nearly identically, and were priced exactly the same.

So what’s the difference?

I reached out to Makita USA, and they cleared things right away (thanks!).

On the left, a one-piece bit holder. On the right, a two-piece one. The one-piece is described as being made from stainless

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