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Greenworks Goes All-In with 240V Battery

MOORESVILLE – Realizing there was still one battery voltage they hadn’t yet tried, Greenworks decided to leave everyone behind and introduce a carted 240-volt MAX battery system that ensures no one will ever compete with their dominance over selling more tool voltages to consumers than Baskin Robbins has flavors of ice-cream.

“Our new 600-cell system will output the same amount of voltage as your typical dryer or electric stove,” said Phil Meyup, director of excessive power. “Since the new battery pack weighs 500 pounds, we decided to include a wheeled cart to carry it around. It’s a great way to, for example, move all that power from the front yard to the back. Then you just run the included 50-foot ‘freedom cord’ from the battery-powered tool to the 240V pack for run-time that lasts up to a week. Professionals can even purchase our extended 250-foot ‘Infinite Freedom’ cord which lets them power their new cordless tools directly from the trailer.”

A second generation pickup truck-mounted battery will debut around Q4 or as soon as Greenworks finishes disassembling and scavaging batteries from the fleet of Tesla Model 3s they purchased earlier this year. This new system will power tools for up to a year before having to be recharged.

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