New Milwaukee Plumbing Tools at NPS17

While at the 2017 New Product Symposium this year, we saw some pretty impressive innovations in plumbing tools and technology from Milwaukee. Milwaukee has made some game-changing improvements on some of their existing plumbing tools, but also introduced some industry-first tools that have never been seen before. They have made an impressive step forward in the plumbing area, and we are very excited to see how these new tools we saw perform against the current competition.

To start, we’ll talk about the M12 Drain Snake 2571-20 ($220 Bare Tool) that we saw hit the shelves earlier this year. We have received some pretty positive reviews of the M12 drain snake, even though some seemed to be a little skeptical that the M12 platform was not powerful enough for this type of application. When taken into consideration though, 18V performance may not always be necessary, and really run-time is the big issue. But with the M12 line of batteries reaching upwards of 6.0 Ah performance, an investment in longer performing batteries can alleviate these problems.

We lent out one of our drain snakes to our friend Tom at SewerQuest, and found that the in-field performance was better than any he’d seen. Some of the great features of the M12 drain snake include the enclosed drum, that keeps the cable out of contact with the user and keeps the work environment clean from any mess or spillage. The enclosed drum also makes it possible to lay the tool down on its

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