M18 FUEL 1” SDS-Plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer 2713-22

Since the beginning of SDS-Plus Rotary Hammers it seems like the preference of most users has been for the longer style D-Handle made famous by Bosch Bulldogs (current models 11255VSR or RH228VC). Even today with corded models these longer D-Handle hammers sell 5-to-1 to the more compact units with vertically mounted motors. It’s this fact that makes it so surprising in the cordless SDS-Plus Hammers there are almost no D-Handle units, zero with the higher performance Brushless motors.

Just a few months ago we did a comparison (see video below) of the top SDS-Plus Cordless Tools and later compared the Hilti TE4-A18 against the rest. Not one of those models use the D-Handle design, most commonly preferred by users. The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1” SDS-Plus 2713-22 ($479 kit, $279 bare) looks to change all that but why has it taken so long to give users what they want?

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