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CopTool Week in Review Most-Trusted News Outlet… Period

COLUMBUS – When it comes to getting the latest and greatest news from the construction and tool industry, it’s hard to beat CopTool’s Week in Review. In fact, they are apparently the new global leader when it comes to audience confidence. In a leaked document on WikiLeaks, the BBC is set to be ousted as the most-trusted news source by the small, but trustworthy Week in Review crew.

“I’m so excited,” said Sarah, Week in Review anchor. “We strive to bring the most relevant tool industry news from the best influencers to our audience every week. But I’ve really been wanting to branch out into weather, politics, and the disappearance of bees. I can’t wait to see how my Maker Break segment expands into time travel and doggy costumes.”

According to co-host, Rob, “We’re really going to have to put our A-game on now. Suits, ties, hair gel… I’m probably going to have to quit drinking whiskey out of my coffee cup! We put a lot of thought and effort to get the sarcasm just right. Those annoying looks I get from Sarah are real, though. It’s going to be a lot of work to expand, but we’re more or less up to the task.”

Jay Amstutz, President of Ohio Power Tool noted, “I originally started the Central Ohio Power Tool blog, AKA CopTool, as a way to connect our retail business to relevant reviews. The idea of a show came to me after binge-watching Ellen for 72 hours straight a couple of years ago and it just blew up from there. Now we have 6 more days of the week for Sarah and Rob to fill. We’re taking suggestions, but at least one day is already set aside for the Zombie Kittens Week in Review.”

Tool reporter reached out to J… Wait, you’re not actually cops?

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